Creating a
Visual Identity.

Making your (brand) mark.

Whoever said that design wasn’t an exact science was wrong. Method, structure, measurement and results underpin the strategy of what we do. At NOUS, the aesthetic is a given, but it’s the heart of the brand that gives weight to your visual identity and that’s where we stand out. Delivering a range of options that meet your brief, our logos are beautiful designs… that work.

The NOUS difference

Our involvement with a brand is high on the tactile scale. Familiarity is everything and we immerse ourselves in every aspect. This total brand immersion together with our extensive real world experience ensures that NOUS delivers you the strongest brand. The best it can be every time.

Here are some we
prepared earlier

It’s a wonderful thing when your advertising agency gets your business. The team at NOUS have gone above and beyond to steer our advertising and marketing activities in the right direction. A gentle re-brand, a new website and a push into digital advertising, email and marketing automation space is getting our business great results.

Stephanie Long, Hallmark Homes

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