Customer journey mapping.

Guiding your customers down the right path.

Getting to know your customers can help you to better understand what your prospects and leads are looking for. Nous can help identify core customer personas and map their individual journeys. We work through every touchpoint along the way.

Once this is mapped, we then streamline it – adding to the experience to ensure your customers’ decision making or on-boarding processes run exactly how they would like it to. Using marketing automation tools to help deliver the right message at the precise time in these customer journeys can make all of the difference: improving conversion rate, or reducing customer churn.


At Nous, we always start by getting to the core of your brand. We work closely with you to workshop and identify your customer personas. We then look at what you have to say to them, and importantly, when you should listen to them at every step along their journey.

We collaborate and join forces, to get to the right outcome.

Customer Analysis

We analyse your current customers, finding out everything you know about them from your data.

Persona Mapping

Building a detailed profile of your customers. This profile helps your brand to better understand your customers’ needs.

Customer Journey Mapping – Workshop

We map out the entire customer journey. From identifying they have a problem all the way through to conversion. Where necessary, we follow that journey further through to the on-boarding and retention processes.

Lead segmentation and scoring – Workshop

Using marketing automation to segment leads generated through your website into their appropriate personas. Scoring those leads based on their actions – how likely are they to convert?

Lead nurture – Workshop

With the customer journey mapped, it’s time to see where your brand can add value to the process. What messages could we drop in and when to improve the chances of conversion?

It’s a wonderful thing when your advertising agency gets your business. The team at Nous have gone above and beyond to steer our advertising and marketing activities in the right direction. A gentle re-brand, a new website and a push into digital advertising, email and marketing automation space is getting our business great results. Their creativity when it comes to our visual advertising from TV to signage is just fantastic. Nous have assembled a great team who are at the top of their game and a pleasure to deal with. We couldn’t be happier.

Stephanie Long, Hallmark Homes

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