Website design for stand-out user experience (UX).

Designing for users.

While functionality is a powerful component of a website, you can never overlook the visual aesthetics. The design of your website is perhaps one of the most important aspects in brand perception and service value.

With a long history in branding and design, we leverage our extensive experience to create stunning designs that are both intuitive and enjoyable.

Designing For Users

Nous creates sleek, intuitive and beautiful website designs that allow for highly interactive and valuable user experiences. Our unified design systems are structured to work across all available devices and platforms – from smartphone to desktop, from Android to iOS.

The Nous difference

Utilising heavily tested best practices from Google’s Material Design approach, Nous understands how to build an intuitive user interface and experience. These principles help to apply natural forms, weight, depth and movement to your website or app design. These natural elements help to draw attention and guide the user through their journey.

Nous has designed and launched hundreds of websites – from simple brochure website designs to powerful e-commerce systems.

Each website design is unique. Each design we produce is tailored specifically for the relevant project. We take the time to understand the needs of our clients to design attractive and engaging solutions for your business.

We pay attention to every single detail of your website – fonts, buttons, menus, tabs, colours, images, icons and more.

Nous took the time to understand our business and what we wanted to achieve with the new website. They were also able to identify a number of issues we had overlooked and suggest improvements to some of our specifications. The Nous tech team took the time to clearly understand the functionality required on our new site, and the design team ensured the site was an accurate reflection of who we are as a business, and what we offer. Their support throughout the experience has been outstanding.

Neil Thomas, Plastics Australia

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