Social media advertising & marketing.

Making the most of social media platforms.

There’s no such thing as a free lunch. In recent years, social media advertising has quickly established itself as an effective but mostly misunderstood platform. It’s not free! but as a paid advertising medium it offers advanced targeting opportunities, reliable conversion-tracking and a strong prevalence on mobile devices. Social advertising offers some noteworthy advantages over search and display advertising platforms and works well on its own and in conjunction with them. At NOUS we know our way around and will help your brand make the most of these platforms.

Social media advertising is a great tool that, rather than reactively targeting users seeking a certain product or service, allows us to proactively reach relevant users before they even begin their search. We’ll place your brand before the right potential customers before they’ve given it a thought. Whether it’s a one-off post promotion or a full-scale campaign, we’ll leverage social advertising to generate great leads, traffic and conversions for your business.

Targeted delivery

NOUS knows how to drill down and leverage the vast amount of personal information available from social media platforms. We can target people by almost any metric imaginable. Location, demographic, behaviour, everything down to their coffee order can be used to get your brand in front of your customers.

There are also some specific targeting opportunities which are unique to social media that our NOUS experts can help you to harness for your advertising:

  • Contact Lists: Data from your CRM
  • App Users: Users that installed your app
  • Website Visitors: Users that visited your site
  • Lookalike Audiences: Users with similar characteristics to your “source” target audiences
  • Data Partners: Users based on third-party data and offline activity

The NOUS difference

While building your brand’s social presence is important, NOUS looks further than social engagement. With extensive experience creating, managing and optimising social advertising campaigns, we understand the need for measurable, quantitative outcomes for your business. An entirely in-house team, we will work closely with you to identify tangible goals and targets prior to commencing work on any social media advertising. We strongly believe that ‘one size does NOT fit all’, so we’ll generate a tailored approach to each and every campaign. We despise the automated ‘set and forget’ approach used by some companies and we will check and optimise on a daily basis to help you to identify the best network, message and targeting for your business.

It’s inspiring to work alongside such an energetic and intelligent group of people. If you are seeking more than just an advertising agency, NOUS is for you.

Jacqui Bialocki, Curves Australia and New Zealand

NOUS take the time to get to know our brands as if they were their own, which makes it very easy to trust in their advice.

Simon Jenkins, Mars

In the world of digital marketing, where a smoke-and-mirrors approach is too often the norm, NOUS is a standout. Over the past 12 months, they have worked in partnership with Roubler to inform our SEO, paid social and Google Ads approach and deliver tangible results. I have found the team to be highly collaborative, genuinely knowledgeable and refreshingly honest. They have exhibited a strong understanding of B2B SaaS and the unique challenges we face as a business. Definitely recommend!”

Fleur Murphy, Roubler

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