Video production & photography services.

Let’s get visual

A picture paints a thousand words. At Nous we scope, estimate, produce and edit complex photography and video. Always an eye catcher, visual content works to elicit emotion from your audience and is key to positioning your brand.

The Nous difference

There’s a tonne of videos and images available online. But they can be used by anybody and, well… they are. We’re not ‘anti’ a good stock video or image in the right context – as long as your brand ‘owns it’ and if it’s out there we’ll find it.

Our experience dictates if your photography or video job is one for Nous or for us to source from a specialist. Nous has expertise and equipment in house to do high quality still shots and video but will always commission imagery from our stable of specialist photographers and videographers when required.  At Nous we are strong believers in ‘horses for courses.’

Nous take the time to get to know our brands as if they were their own, which makes it very easy to trust in their advice.

Simon Jenkins, Mars

Nous are not our advertising agency, they are so much more than that. They are our business partner. The talented team at Nous have a strong understanding of our brand and since partnering with Curves in 2010, they have worked closely with us to develop a solid strategy for our position in the women’s health and fitness category.

Jacqui Bialocki, Curves Australia and New Zealand

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