SEO analytics & reporting that deliver the full picture.

Tracking and using your customer data.

Web analytics is the data collected about your website, your visitors and their behaviour. It’s so important for your business to understand what’s working and what isn’t in order to improve your website’s user experience and conversion rates.

To put it simply, website analytics looks at the data surrounding; who’s visited your website and when they visited, how they got there and what they did once they got there, and where they went afterwards.

What can you track online?

There’s so much potential when it comes to tracking a visitor’s activity on your website. Whether it’s watching a video, downloading a brochure or buying a product – we can help you identify who visited, where they came from and what they did. We can connect this data with your customer relationship management software or other to draw key demographic and user insights.

This type of information can help you leverage your website strengths while improving any potential weaknesses. Advanced website analytics tools can go as far as screen-recording for individual website visitors (as creepy as that sounds).

So when it comes to website tracking and analysis, the opportunities for your business are endless.

The Nous difference

While many companies will help you track your website data, Nous goes further. We’ll help you to understand the key metrics that are important to your website and your business. With a comprehensive suite of analytics tracking tools, we interpret and analyse your performance to ensure you’re getting the most valuable insights possible out of your data. This allows you to fully comprehend and keep track of your performance over time.

Numbers are hard to ignore or hide, because they’re easy to compare. We provide transparent, jargon-free translations of your data – with each interpretation tailored to your business. We make sure the insights we’re drawing for your business are not only valuable, but also actionable.

By understanding your objectives, we can provide real learning to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your business and online strategy.

It’s a wonderful thing when your advertising agency gets your business. The team at Nous have gone above and beyond to steer our advertising and marketing activities in the right direction. A gentle re-brand, a new website and a push into digital advertising, email and marketing automation space is getting our business great results. Their creativity when it comes to our visual advertising from TV to signage is just fantastic. Nous have assembled a great team who are at the top of their game and a pleasure to deal with. We couldn’t be happier.

Stephanie Long, Hallmark Homes

Nous are not our advertising agency, they are so much more than that. They are our business partner. The talented team at Nous have a strong understanding of our brand and since partnering with Curves in 2010, they have worked closely with us to develop a solid strategy for our position in the women’s health and fitness category. It’s inspiring to work alongside such an energetic and intelligent group of people. If you are seeking more than just an advertising agency, Nous is for you.

Jacqui Bialocki, Curves Australia and New Zealand

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