How to Optimise Your LinkedIn Company Page

Whether you’re recruiting, advertising, or just getting started with your business - LinkedIn is a crucial component to your social media marketing mix. Laying the right foundations with your brand’s social media profiles can help in the long run to build trust and credibility with users and other businesses.

Here are six tips you can take to optimise your Company Page on LinkedIn.


1. Ensure your profile image and cover photo are high-quality and on brand

One of the easiest ways to improve your Company Page is to make it look good. This can be easily achieved with a high-quality profile picture and cover image. They should be in line with your profile images on other social media platforms for consistency – making your business look more credible and recognisable to users

More importantly, these elements should be complementary and not just a copy-paste of your logo in different aspect ratios. The cover image is a great opportunity to showcase your brand, a campaign or mission statement. Take these examples from PayPal and Coca Cola below.

To help you out, we’ve included the Linkedin company page image specs below:

LinkedIn Profile Image Specs

  • Recommended: 268 x 268 pixels
  • Either PNG or JPEG format
  • Ensure it looks ok on both light and dark backgrounds – transparent files may affect the way it displays

LinkedIn Cover Image Specs

  • Recommended: 1128 x 191 pixels
  • Either PNG or JPEG format
  • The cover image may be adjusted to fit the screen, with trimming either horizontally or vertically – limit text to ensure optimal display on all devices and screen sizes.


2. Complete all of your profile sections with accurate and up-to-date contact information

What good are a couple of profile images without appropriate and accurate profile information to help users identify who your brand is, where you’re based, what you do, and how people can contact you. LinkedIn Company Pages reportedly get 30% more weekly views if all the profile information has been completed.

The most important elements of Company Pages are headline, overview, and specialties.

  • Your brand’s headline appears just below the name on the top of the page. Utilise this to present your brand tagline, mission statement, or an articulate, concise description of your brand (especially if you’re a new business).
  • The overview is in the About section and provides an opportunity for you to go into more detail about your brand story and purpose. But, don’t get too carried away – this section should be to the point without excessive wordiness. Consider this your ‘elevator pitch’ for your LinkedIn profile.
  • Lastly, make sure you also fill out your specialities – these are keywords that usually describe your goods or services, which help categorise your page for search results.

And of course, you’ll want to fill out the other nitty gritty details, such as location, industry, company size, company type, and most importantly – your website URL!


3. Don’t forget to include relevant keywords!

Completing your profile with sufficient information is important because all page content is searchable both on and off platform, so users may discover your brand based on the content you include. That’s why you’ll want to include relevant keywords in your headline, overview, and specialties to help boost visibility of your profile to potential customers and other businesses.


4. Create posts that are interesting and relevant to your network

Depending on the type of business you are, LinkedIn can provide a great space for publishing content that may not be relevant to your other social media audiences. These could be industry-related articles, where you can demonstrate your brand’s thought leadership across certain topics. The best part is that these can link back to your website to generate leads or sales.

You can also use LinkedIn to put the spotlight on your own team to help boost company culture and potentially attract job applicants. The key to strong engagement is regular posting, too. So make sure you’re posting content at least a couple times a week.


5. Expand your network through engaging with other users’ posts

Another way to help boost your Company Page profile is to share other users’ or companies’ posts. If the content is relevant or valuable to your audience, then it provides a better basis for engagement and also helps to expose your page to other audiences through sharing the post.

With LinkedIn, you’re also able to associate up to three hashtags with your page. These hashtags can be event or industry-related, and once associated, you can receive notifications on trending topics, enter the relevant feeds, and engage as your brand’s page, exposing your Company Page to a wider relevant audience.


6. Boost your social proof within your connections

Make it a habit to invite relevant connections (such as employees, associates, or partners) to follow your LinkedIn Company Page and grow your brand’s network. You can also encourage your team to engage with and share your Company Page posts. By doing so, their networks will be notified of work anniversaries, job opportunities, and other updates about your business. In return for doing so, you could provide a recommendation or endorsement on their profile. 

Feel free to also ask your customers or partners for endorsements or recommendations as well. If you have a positive interaction with another business, reach out to them for a recommendation, and offer one in return. Likewise for customers, if they share a positive experience they had with your brand elsewhere, you could reach out to see if they’d also endorse you on your Company Page.


With your LinkedIn Company Page optimised, you’re ensuring your profile is best placed to represent your brand and be discovered by potential customers, partners, and applicants. 

If you need help levelling up your LinkedIn or any other social media profiles, get in touch with NOUS at [email protected] or call 07 3003 0722.

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