E-commerce Advertising.

The rise of online shopping.

‘You can lead a horse to water but you cannot make it drink’. With eCommerce marketing, NOUS not only drives customers to an eCommerce website, but works to persuade them to purchase products or services online.

How is e-commerce advertising different?

While there are some similarities between marketing an eCommerce website and a bricks-and-mortar store, it’s the differences that NOUS has identified that present opportunities for the modern day business.

For starters, the consideration cycle is shorter in eCommerce – the products are much more accessible and the individual purchasing experience is more convenient and private. In a heavily price-driven market, comparison markets also have much greater relevance. At NOUS, performance and results underwrites everything we do and more quantifiable online reporting, makes your return-on-marketing-investment  more transparent.

Google Shopping

If you’re operating an online store and you aren’t taking advantage of Google Shopping – you’re probably missing out on a cost-effective source of sales.

So what is Google Shopping? It’s a program where online retailers can upload their product feed to Google, and integrate their products directly into Google advertisements. This means your product images, price and business name are eligible to appear alongside Google search text ads and organic results. You only pay when a customer clicks through to visit your website or view your inventory!

Google Shopping campaigns are critical for online retailers looking to get the most out of their advertising expenditure. The platform allows you to reach the online shoppers that matter most – the ones searching for what you sell, whether they’re shopping at home or on the go.

The NOUS Difference

We have extensive experience working across a range of client verticals, eCommerce platforms and marketing channels and all that experience is held in-house.  We do not outsource.

The NOUS digital team analyses and optimises the entire customer journey – from consideration through to sale.

NOUS is all about results and we focus on the actual outcome. With every advertising dollar spent, we’re looking at the resulting sales to measure and improve your return-on-marketing-expenditure.

NOUS took the time to understand our business and what we wanted to achieve with the new website. They were also able to identify a number of issues we had overlooked and suggest improvements to some of our specifications. The NOUS tech team took the time to clearly understand the functionality required on our new site, and the design team ensured the site was an accurate reflection of who we are as a business, and what we offer. Their support throughout the experience has been outstanding.

Neil Thomas, Plastics Australia

During our time with NOUS we have achieved 107.7% YTD sales growth for our low value segment. This is truly a result of the NOUS team having a more strategic approach, instilling a test, learn and refine approach and ensuring the creative is always hard hitting and resonates with the target market.

Leeann Ellison, Signet

It’s a wonderful thing when your advertising agency gets your business. The team at NOUS have gone above and beyond to steer our advertising and marketing activities in the right direction. A gentle re-brand, a new website and a push into digital advertising, email and marketing automation space is getting our business great results.

Stephanie Long, Hallmark Homes

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