With UGC Trust Is a Two Way Street

How to Avoid Crotch Shots In Your User Generated Campaign

It’s content and it’s generated by the user.

Sounds simple enough, right? Wrong.

With the aim of reaching your intended target audience for your final product or service, engaging them in a campaign where they have the power can provide fantastic results when well executed.

There is plenty of thought that goes into running a successful user generated content campaign.

Who do we want to generate content? How can we get them to generate it? How much power do we hand to them? What if things go below the belt?

Handy Tips for Your UGC Campaign:

  • Cultivate the best of the best. Through monitoring the interactions through a delayed approval process before they go live, you get to control what is being seen and only publish the content that helps your brand by showing what is worth showing (that means keeping your clothes on!).
  •  KISS – Keep it simple, stupid. Your audience might not have the technical know-how that you do, so keep it as simple as possible for them to contribute.
  • Are they who they say they are? Always fact-check before promoting content that’s just come in from the Prime Minister – it’s likely not from him!
  • A little goes a long way. Organic reach can only take you so far. It’s always worth having a means to get to the wider community. Spend a little to achieve a lot!

User Generated Content in Action

We embarked on the journey of launching a user generated content campaign for Newstead Brewing Co. When tasked with the challenge of getting people talking about something that didn’t yet exist, NOUS decided to go digital.

The Chief Taste Tester competition launched on Facebook, with users asked to send a (let’s face it) glorified selfie, showing their chief beer tasting face.

As with all things, there were a few key considerations to take into account before going live:

  • Who: We wanted to make sure we got the right people. The modern day larrikin, who has a laugh with their mates and has tasty craft beer foam dripping from their mo’ (no duck face necessary).
  • Where: We knew we could get people talking online, but how far did we want it to spread? With a brand that nobody had yet heard of, and a prize worth winning, the competition was kept fairly contained to the Brisbane area.
  • When: It needed to be at a time that would ramp up excitement for the opening. Not too close, to keep intrigue, but not too far away that people would forget. It kept people guessing, whilst allowing them to ride the wave of, what proved to be, a very purposeful branding exercise.
  • What if: The folk of Brisbane kept it clean, but we were well equipped to deal with the elusive nip-slip or crotch shot. A 24/7 approval process allowed us to monitor, upload and delete content if it didn’t fit within the guidelines of the competition.

UGC Success

At the end of the day, Newstead Brewing Co. found a range of new brand loyalists, and left people buzzing for the opening of the newest gastro-pub in town (and one very happy chief taste tester).

Could a user generated content campaign be for you? Let us know and we could help guide you down the path, sans crotch shot and duck face.

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