Sustainable Social Media: What is WeAre8?

WeAre8, the new and sustainable social media platform, has hit the market. The new platform claims to be hate-free, good for the environment, and it will pay its users to watch ads. WeAre8 is social media with a purpose, so what will this mean for the future of social media marketing?

WeAre8 intends to create a platform that is free from hate, after noticing that other social media platforms sometimes benefit off hateful content. The platform aims to create a community, where its users are called ‘citizens’, that promotes positivity and diversity. In addition to this, users are given the option to be paid to watch ads and can donate some of this money to a charity of their choice. In a time where people are seeking additional economic support, this could result in a significant number of users opting-in to view ads. Then, after 8 minutes on the app, users will be invited to go off the app, and spend the rest of their day off their screens.

WeAre8 also donates a percentage of the media budget for all ad campaigns run on the app to Ecologi and other climate projects, making the app good for the planet. WeAre8 is also B-Corporation certified, meaning they are held to high standards of social and environmental performance. This also means they are required to report on their ethical values and sustainability.

Ad Engagement

So, what does this all mean from a marketing perspective? WeAre8 claims to have a 100% view-through rate, and a 37% click-through rate, compared to the average 0.9% click-through rate on other social media platforms. This is because users must watch through the entire ad to get paid and are then encouraged at the end of the ad to click-through to the advertisers landing page. In addition to offering high ad engagement, the app offers an alternative option for brands wanting to display their corporate social responsibility. By advertising on WeAre8, brands can show that they value the users that view their ads, with 60% of every dollar spent on advertising going straight back to the user. An additional 5% also goes directly to a charity of the brands choice.

Carbon Neutral

Brands are encouraged to dedicate just 6.5% of their social media advertising budgets to WeAre8, a figure that the app claims will make the brands entire social spend carbon-neutral. While WeAre8 appears to benefit brands, users, and the planet, how sustainable is the app in a digital marketing environment dominated by Facebook, Instagram and Google?

Audience Potential

While WeAre8 is targeting a smaller audience, who may be consuming ads more actively, these ads cannot be targeted to people who have already shown an interest in a brands products or services. This means that, despite a 100% view through rate, ads are likely being displayed to users with no interest in the brands offerings. Because of this, it is also unlikely that smaller brands will use WeAre8 as a marketing platform.

The app doesn’t have the same audience potential as Facebook and Google when it comes to reach, making it unlikely that smaller brands will justify dedicating part of their ad budget to WeAre8. Instead, WeAre8 offers a platform for larger and well-established brands to display their corporate social responsibility.

Ad Impact

Another potential issue with WeAre8 is that users may simply let ads play, without paying any attention to them. Despite a 100% view-through rate, it is possible that users are not physically viewing the ads, but are still receiving payments for viewing the ads.

Overall, WeAre8 provides an interesting alternative to traditional social media platforms and could encourage other platforms to become more sustainable. While it is unlikely that the app will compete with Facebook, Instagram, and Google, WeAre8 is a step in the right direction.

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