Best things for everything – a new shopping experience by Google

Google has launched a new shopping experience that allows you to browse only the best products.

What is it?

Best Things For Everything is a Google microsite that boasts the internet’s top 1000 products based on their rating. It’s a tool developed to help people (currently only in the US) discover products that fit their lifestyle or inspire them to try something new, but above all, it’s designed to give customers confidence in their purchasing decisions, knowing that the products have been tried and tested and are up to the task.

You can discover products at random from the main page via product type or lifestyle, or refine your search using the Google search bar, which has grouped everything into 8 categories:

  • Babies & toddlers
  • Electronics
  • Games, arts & crafts
  • Health & beauty
  • Home & office
  • Outdoors & on the road
  • Pets
  • Sports & fitness

Clicking on a product or lifestyle type will then bring up the top rated products for that category along with product description, prices, reviews and where to buy. 

You can check out Best Things For Everything by Google, here

How do products make the cut on the site?

“We look broadly at how products are discussed online. Products are included based on several factors, including, but not limited to, what’s popular and what’s being searched on Google. All of those factors help inform a view of the top products across these categories.” – Google

What can brands learn from this site?

Focus on product quality

This is a microsite that champions quality over brand, and is a reminder that your brand is only as good as the products you sell. The brands that have had their products selected to be featured on this site are customer-centric and are constantly striving to deliver quality products that solve problems or add value to the customer’s life. Focussing on your customers’ needs and delivering the best product possible is the first step towards people talking about and sharing your brand.

Encourage customer reviews

You want customers to leave reviews, whether they’re good or bad. If it’s a good review – great! Other people are going to read it and probably get the confidence to make a purchase too. If it’s a bad review – well, at least you now know where the kinks are to iron out. We talk more about customer reviews in another blog, which you can read here. Ultimately, people talking about your products means more exposure opportunities for your brand.

Web design and user experience are important

The site is engaging, easy to use and a little bit different, with ‘endless’ scrolling in any direction (it’s hard to stop). Classic Google. Also of note is that the products are categorised by lifestyle – building an emotional connection between the shopper and the product. 

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