NOUS helps Cancer Council Queensland in these times of weirdness

When presented with the unique opportunity of some donated commercial airtime, we recognised immediately that using it wisely — (and getting the tone right) was going to be a challenge.

Having worked closely with Cancer Council Queensland for a number of years, we understood that times of broader crisis can make their important ongoing work almost invisible. So we approached them with an idea for a TV commercial to help raise awareness, remind people of their great work, and maybe be a bit playful too. They were on board straight away.

NOUS conceptualised, wrote, designed and created the spot with the generous and tireless help of friends, Suzie Golledge at Tugboat Studio (animation), David Williams (sound design) and none other than Dave McCormack (voiceover — you may recognise him as the voice of Bandit on ABC’s Bluey).

Thanks to Chris Raes and Seven West Media, who donated a significant amount of space, we had an opportunity to make a real difference for Cancer Council Queensland  — a truly deserving client. We knew that producing a spot reminding people about cancer right now wasn’t going to be easy — with people everywhere dealing with their own crisis: distancing, lockdown, fear and economic instability. A relatable, warm and comforting message, with a bit of humour would be the best way to cut through.

Cancer Council Queensland Public Relations and Social Media Manager, Rhys Reynolds told us:

“This ad is vital in helping us to continue to help those with cancer through these unprecedented times. Every 18 minutes in Queensland someone is diagnosed with cancer – most of us will be touched by it in some form throughout our lives. Cancer Council Queensland is continuing to help during these times, from support for mental wellbeing during self-isolation to keeping our vital Home to Treatment travel services running to take patients to get the help they need. We can’t thank NOUS enough for getting involved and helping to raise awareness with this ad.”

If you can help Cancer Council Queensland, please visit their website.

If you’d like some help with anything from brand development to award winning creative, digital campaigns or a website, NOUS can help.

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