TikTok Marketing 101

We mentioned in our last blog that short form video is the future of content across social media. And the first channel that comes to mind for short form video is undoubtedly TikTok. The platform has taken the world by storm with its innovative way to deliver content to users regardless of who you follow. With over a billion monthly users, there are ample opportunities for marketers to take advantage of the platform for their brand.


Why TikTok?

There is no doubt that TikTok influences buyer behaviour, with the platform reporting that 92% of users globally have taken action after watching a TikTok, and up to 41% of Australian users discovering something new on TikTok and immediately purchasing it. So it’s no wonder that TikTok continues to deliver results for brands and improve its marketing efficiency to drive revenue.

The reason for its success as a marketing channel is that the community-based platform is fuelled by a constant desire to learn and discover something new. With a reported 60% of Australian users wanting to see content about products from the brands that make them.

And while the platform has typically been seen as a social media platform for Gen Z, there is a growing user base for both Millennials and Gen X users – making it an ideal platform for most B2C brands.


How to Create a TikTok Business Account?

So if you’re convinced you need to start a TikTok profile for your brand, here are a few simple steps to get you started.

  1. Create Your Login
    Visit TikTok Ads Manager signup page and complete the form with your brand’s information. Click “Send Code” to receive your verification code, and don’t forget to agree to the terms and conditions. Click “Sign Up” to create your login.
  2. Setup Your Account
    Once the account is verified, you can complete the basic information for your brand including your location and currency preferences. Ensure you double-check the information is correct, because you will not be able to change some details later. Click “Register” to open your account.
  3. Business Information
    On first login, a pop-up will appear to add more details about your brand and billing information. Pay careful attention to the company website field, and ensure you enter your website URL in the correct format to pass the account review.
  4. Payment Preferences
    Next, you’ll select a payment preference – either manual or automatic payments. Once the preference is selected, you will not be able to change it.
  5. Submit Account
    Finally, once all the account information is complete, you will select “Submit” and within 24 hours, TikTok will notify you whether your account has been approved or not.


What Type of Content Performs Well on TikTok?

Now you have a TikTok profile for your brand – it’s time to start thinking about the content you’ll post. TikTok marketing is becoming the norm for many brands, both for content marketing and paid advertising. There are some trusted short form video formats you can try for your Tik, but here are some best practice tips for TikTok content.

  • Leverage Current Trends
    The algorithm on TikTok prioritises content based on number of views – so it’s important to stay on top of current trends and hashtags to create timely and relevant content for your target audience. Users will seek out content under trending hashtags so this can significantly increase your visibility on the platform and introduce your brand to new audiences. Because content and trends move so fast on TikTok, it’s important to respond quickly and not get tied down in strenuous internal approval processes as you may miss the boat for a valuable content opportunity.
  • Be Authentic & Don’t Be Afraid of Humour
    The benefit of TikTok is that it demands authenticity from users and brands alike so content doesn’t need to be perfectly shot or edited. Authenticity will help build trust with your audience and make meaningful connections with your brand. And what better way to build a connection with users than humour. TikTok users are looking to be entertained – and fun videos (that are aligned to your brand) will make you more memorable.
  • Focus on Full-Screen 9:16 Video
    This is a no-brainer, but TikTok users prefer to view video content in portrait mode. Your content should only be looking to make videos in 9:16 format for this platform to ensure it’s the most appealing for audiences. If repurposing content from other social media platforms in 1:1 or 16:9 formats, ensure you are also producing the portrait size with your content and text appropriately in frame.
  • Closed Captions Are Key
    Using closed captions throughout video can help make your content more accessible to audiences. While videos should be created with full sound-on in mind, often users will watch TikTok with sound on low or off. Closed captions help ensure your content will still be viewed, make content stand out and make an impression with users.


TikTok Paid Advertising

TikTok is also a great platform for paid advertising campaigns – it helps provide your brand with increased visibility on the platform with a highly engaged audience. Currently the platform has several different types of TikTok ads available, including in-feed ads, similar to Facebook and Instagram. There are also Brand Takeover TikTok ads which appear immediately after opening the app. These are great for generating high brand awareness but do typically come with higher delivery costs than an in-feed TikTok ad.

The important thing about TikTok paid advertising campaigns, is you want to leverage the same style of content you would use for your organic posts. Unlike other platforms, native content is what drives the strongest engagement both organically and in paid campaigns, so you want to ensure your ad creative doesn’t look too much like an ad and have a user quickly swipe past it. Embrace the authentic nature of TikTok and produce ads that look native to users feeds for the best result.

If you’ve been avoiding TikTok until now, it may be time to start thinking about incorporating the channel into your marketing strategy. TikTok is expected to continue to dominate social media with more advertising opportunities becoming available on the platform – there is immense potential to grow your brand with TikTok. Not sure where to start? We do. Contact NOUS today to start your TikTok strategy. 



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