The Dos and Don’ts of Instagram Reels

Instagram has made some updates to the Reels algorithm which may affect the visibility of your videos. One of these is particularly important to note if you’re also using TikTok.

In one of our previous blog posts, Reels vs TikTok – which is right for your brand?, we discussed how some creators on TikTok were planning on using Reels as a means to repurpose their TikTok content to a new audience. But, with the latest Reels update, any video that contains a logo or watermark from another app will be deprioritised in the Reels tab – meaning a much lower chance of being found by users not already following your account. Repurposed content will, however, continue to be shown to your existing followers on your profile and in the main Instagram feed.

There are a few other factors that, with the latest update, will affect the organic reach of your videos in the Reels tab. Here, we share some best practises to follow that will help optimise your videos visibility:


  • use horizontal video as they’re not as engaging or easy to recreate
  • have low resolution or are blurry
  • have been uploaded with a border around it
  • are completely covered by text
  • don’t meet the Instagram Community guidelines


  • grab attention, entertain, have a surprise or a twist
  • inspire a new trend that others can easily participate in and recreate 
  • use the available tools on reels like text, filters and camera effects
  • use vertical video 
  • use music from the Instagram music library, from another Reel or your own original audio

For ideas on what your brand could be doing on Reels, the best thing to do is have a scroll through the Reels tab and see what others are doing or visit other brands’ profiles to check out the Reels they’ve produced. Content opportunities could be anything like showcasing products or services in action, tips, how-tos, hacks, mythbusters or a time-lapse of a project. 

Start by checking out these brands who are doing a great job on Reels:

  • @louisvuitton
  • @sephorafrance
  • @redbull
  • @Netflix 
  • @qldpolice 
  • @nandosaus 
  • @tiffhall_xo 
  • @_cookingwithkate_

To increase engagement and connect with your audience, it’s also great to get on board with current trends on Reels, whether it’s music, challenges or video editing styles. Whatever you decide to do, it’s important that it fits with your brand, or else you might put off or confuse your audience.


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