Why You Should Invest in an Outstanding Company Logo

Does a $5 Logo Really Fit Your Brand?

Multiple designers, choice, and speed.

The lure of a website offering a $5 logo may seem tempting. We share our insights about the value of a logo and why your company can’t afford a $5 logo.

What Is a Logo?

A logo is a representation of a company.

It embodies who they are, what they stand for and their brand essence. It instills recognition, loyalty, and qualities about the company it represents.

A logo is not a standalone one off symbol, it needs to slot in as a piece of the puzzle in the larger picture that is a brand.

Achieving a cohesive expression of a brand is the goal and this is achieved through a thorough briefing and design process.


The Logo Creation Process

The briefing and design process is a fundamental part of the Logo and branding process, something that is overlooked or expedited in the $5 logo market.

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  1. Define/The Brief – What is the problem? This is where a brand is really evaluated. Who are they? What do they stand for? What is their personality? What sets them apart? What is the brand essence?  Questions are asked to determine the brand pyramid. The core of the brand is distilled in this process
  2. Research – Who are the competitors? What is the Company’s history? Research is conducted into the brand and where they sit in the market.
  3. Brainstorm Conceptualising – Concepts are developed around the brand essence and brief.
  4. Reflect – One of the most important parts, reflection allows concepts to marinate and be reassessed against the brief and brand essence. This process involves internal discussions and feedback.
  5. Present– Concepts are internally reviewed and it is survival of the fittest with only the most on brand and appropriate designs making it to the presentation table.

A Successful Logo

The process behind a successful logo is a thorough and considered process, diving deep into the core essence of a brand.

To produce an item that can be used to represent the brand on all platforms, showing the brand culture and identity in an easily recognizable and original format.

On the other hand, a $5 logo is produced without due consideration into the brand it is to represent. Like an incorrectly cut piece to the whole branding puzzle, a $5 logo just won’t fit, no matter how hard it tries.

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