Get ready to see everyone’s to-do lists on Facebook!

Facebook Lists Update 2018

Facebook's status update box has gotten itself a new upgrade: Lists.

This is the first major upgrade to the update box since the introduction of the coloured backgrounds in December 2016.


What are Facebook Lists?

Facebook Lists are just like they sound; a new feature that allows users to share itemised lists of anything they want – whether it’s travel destinations, restaurants they want to try or simple to-do lists. The feature is not yet broadly available, as it’s a part of a slow global rollout beginning last week.


Why the change?

There are two core explanations behind this change. The first is a part of Facebook’s recent initiative to encourage meaningful interactions between people.

The second is a recent acknowledgement from Facebook that social media may not be all that good for you – it just depends on how you use it:

Just like in person, interacting with people you care about can be beneficial, while simply watching others from the sidelines may make you feel worse.

Facebook, Hard Questions: Is Spending Time on Social Media Bad for Us? (2017)

This update is just one of the many changes to Facebook in an attempt to post more personal updates across the platform – reengaging with friends and family. They’re looking for users to post stories about their lives, what they’re up to and what they’re thinking – solving the problem of too much non-personal content in the News Feed.

In recent years, the Facebook News Feed has been filled with news articles, videos, brand advertisements and publisher posts. These recent changes are an attempt to move away from this type of content – again prioritising personal connections on the platform.


How do Facebook Lists look?

The coloured background functionality will continue with the new Lists feature. Users are able to create their own Lists and customise it with a chosen colour.

Facebook users will also have the ability to decorate their Lists with emojis. These have been designed with the idea that friends could copy and share each other’s Lists – while also offering their opinions on the given subject.

It isn’t clear if there will be a limit on how many entries a list can have, however only the top five will appear by default, with others hidden in a dropdown menu. The lists can also be alternated between bullet and numerical.

Facebook Lists Feature Example


How can I make a Facebook List?

  1. Make sure your Facebook app on your phone is up to date
  2. Tap the “What’s on your mind” item
  3. Tap on “Add to your post” and scroll through the different update-formats
  4. If the Lists feature is there, great – go right ahead and post your list!
  5. If the feature isn’t there, you’ll need to wait until your region/device is included in the feature rollout.

Keep in mind you can also copy and repost someone else’s List as well as commenting on the List itself. So keep your application updated and you may just get to try this new feature soon!

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