Bang out better Instagram pictures

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A few basic tips to lift your Instagram game

1. Planning

Sometimes photos are candid, they just happen in the spur of the moment. Most times it helps to plan a little bit beforehand. An image with some thought behind it is generally better than one without it – give some consideration to light, composition and subject matter.


2. Quality over quantity

Try to keep in mind: one great photograph is better than fifteen bland, average pictures.


3. Is natural, is good

Use natural light over artificial light whenever you can!


4. Angle different

Get down and dirty. Try to find a different perspective from the norm in order to create more interest in your shot.


5. Less = more

Simple is lovely.


6. Take tonnes of photographs

It’s not like the olden days with film and expensive processing. Digital images only cost memory space. If you find good subject matter, take lots of images. Give yourself the ability to choose the one you like best (then get rid of the others, or you’ll end up with thousands of very similar unwanted images).


7. Like yourself

Don’t get too hung up on Instagram likes, as long as you’re happy with your picture!


8. Localise it!

Always remember to geotag your images. Connect with your local community!


9. Play

Experiment with Instagram’s toolbox. Instagram gives you the ability to adjust many aspects of your photo from changing perspective, to altering the brightness and contrast, adding warmth or saturation, focus and blur, and more.


10. To edit, or not to edit

If you’re going to edit – keep your edits simple and clean. It’s very easy to go too far. Remember that you’re trying to enhance the original image – not cram it with a truckload of filters.


11. Go behind Instagram’s back

Check out other editing apps. Instagram offers good editing software, but if you want more control – there are tonnes of apps available.


12. The ol’ B&W switcheroo

Love your image, but can’t get no colour satisfaction? Instagram offers quite a few filters to help lift a poorly shot photo, but if the colours in your image are just not working for you, or you just can’t get the light right, try switching it over to black and white. Add new life to dull or inaccurate colours with beautiful greyscale! On the other hand, there are no ‘bad’ photos… if you claim it was done on purpose!


13. Creative captions can captivate crowds

Say fun stuff about your pictures. People like that.


14. Hashtag smart

Be creative. Do some research, see what others are hashtagging similar imagery. Find popular hashtags that suit your picture. Good hashtag usage can get your image exposure with a much wider audience.


15. Stash your pictures!

Got a heap of great pictures? Why not stagger them rather than blowing the whole lot in one huge dump. Keep em’ coming back for more.


16. Share the love

Follow and like others. Discovering new photography and photographers is part of the beauty of IG. Show some appreciation for other’s work – it may find it’s way back to you.

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