Avoid Stale Content on Your Website

Keeping Your Brand and Website Fresh

When you’re standing at the fridge with the doors wide open looking for something to fill the void you never reach for the thing in the back corner that looks a little old and furry.

You want something tasty and appealing. Your brand online is just the same.

Your clients, and more importantly your potential clients, are looking for something fresh and appealing and if they don’t find it on your website, or on your social media pages or in your email campaigns they’ll have no problem closing the door and moving on to the next brand.

What is ‘Keeping it Fresh’?

Urban dictionary would tell you that keeping it fresh is “the art of acting spontaneously resulting in your actions being original and generally awesome” but for your brand it means regularly creating quality relevant content – though the results of doing this will generally be awesome for your brand too.

Relevant will mean different things for different brands. For some it will mean having current product information and pricing on your website and for others it will mean posting up-to-the-minute industry insights to your social media touch points. Keeping it fresh doesn’t just apply to the content you plan to publish it also means not forgetting about the blog post you published two years ago that needs updating and re-posting because government legislation changed and made it out of date.

Your Brand Online is More Than a Website

Gone are the days when being ‘online’ meant having just a website. Nowadays your brand will appear in multiple online channels. In addition to your website, you’ll have social media channels, you’ll have email campaigns for your customers and prospects, you might even be producing video content.

All these channels have their own parameters for success but one underlying foundation of each of them is that people visiting will come seeking current and relevant information.

What’s in it For You?

The rewards for keeping your content fresh will come from multiple sources. Google has been on a mission to give fresher, more recent search results so search engines will reward you with more traffic but better still search engines will see that users are finding relevant content and reward you with better SEO rankings.

Consumer engagement with your brand will also increase because the visitors to your website, social media pages or email campaign recipients have found current and relevant information. Due to the relevance of your brand, consumers will develop a sense of trust, which has a knock-on effect with influence on buying decisions.

Making it Happen

If coming up with all this content sounds a bit daunting then break the task down into some smaller manageable pieces. Start off by developing a content calendar.

For example, your content calendar could list items like:

  • things you need to update on your website now or in the future
  • when you will post to social media and what the topic will be
  • what topics you can blog about and when you should post
  • when you will send email campaigns. these could timed to coincide with important events that are happening in your industry

Useful to Your Audience

You can get ideas on what your brand might post about from sites like Google Trends, by looking at articles in industry magazines or looking at topics other industries are talking about and seeing if you can put a slant on it that makes it meaningful to your industry and consumers.

You might also need to take a look at your website and make updates to it to include a blog if you don’t already have one. The easier it is to post your content the more inclined you will be to do it.

One final thought, don’t go too heavy on the self-promotion in what you post. Consumers are smart and can tell when they’re being sold to. Be helpful with practical, useful information, and people will want to spend more time on your site.

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