Sharing account access to your Facebook Page

Facebook Pages

Creating a Facebook Page will allow you to build an active and engaged social audience for your business. You can keep your customers updated, connect people with your products and services, improve your customer service and provide a space to build a loyal community and deepen your relationship with your customers.


Sharing Your Facebook Page With Nous

To provide Nous with access to your Facebook Page, it’s just a matter of:

  1. Provide Nous with your Facebook Page URL
  2. Nous will request access to manage your Facebook Page, and notify you once completed
  3. Once notified, navigate to your Facebook Page
  4. Click ‘Settings’ in the top-right corner of the page
  5. Click the ‘Page roles’ link in the left sidebar
  6. Within ‘Ad Account Roles’, you should have a ‘Pending Agency Request’ from NOUS
  7. To accept this request, you need to click the ‘Respond to Request’ button


  1. Finally, you need to click the ‘Give Nous access to my Page’ button (as below)