Case Study

Ausco Modular

Ausco Modular is Australia’s leading transportable hire and modular construction company. With over 50 years of experience and an integrated network of 16 branches and four manufacturing locations, Ausco is a well-established brand with the ability to offer a range of innovative solutions for their clients.

Our Services

The Challenge

When it comes to digital advertising, Ausco Modular faced three main challenges:

  1. Continuing to deliver high brand visibility across both broad and niche audiences
  2. Increasing the volume of traffic and leads through the website and sales channels
  3. Increasing the relevance and potential value of traffic and leads

The Nous Solution

Sophisticated Search Engine Marketing Targeting

We were aware of the importance of maintaining and increasing the audience and lead quality through search engine marketing efforts. To cater to this, we completely restructured and recreated the search engine marketing campaigns – across both Google Ads and Bing Ads.

We extensively audited each search query to select the specific keywords and themes that were most relevant to the Ausco Modular products and services. While we were confident we could refocus the delivery and increase audience relevance, it was important that we still drove a meaningful volume of traffic and leads. To improve the volume, we leveraged a range of handpicked broad match modifier targets, which is a challenge in itself. While these offer higher volume, they can sacrifice relevance if not done correctly.

To address this, we created a comprehensive list of exclusion parameters to further ensure the quality and relevance of our potential audience. In addition to ensuring audience relevance, we were looking to maximise the efficiency of the campaign – avoiding spending budget on irrelevant (or lower quality) search queries and audiences. As a part of our ongoing campaign management and optimisation, search queries are reviewed over and over and targets are adjusted accordingly.

Increased Ad Relevance

As you may know, Google rewards advertisers who deliver a positive experience to the relevant searchers. In addition to various user-experience and result-relevance scores (e.g. page speed, mobile-friendliness), we needed to maximise the ad relevance. In addition to driving users to the right landing pages, we needed to specifically tailor each advert to each target search query.

The account is now highly fragmented, offering an extremely personalised ad experience for the search engine marketing audience. As a result of improving ad relevance and engagement (e.g. higher average click-through-rate), we’ve seen notably more affordable traffic costs (e.g. lower average cost-per-click).

The Nous Ingredients

From selecting the right keywords to creating highly tailored and engaging adverts, the magic ingredient was time. At Nous, we don’t overlook the importance of having our digital advertising specialists give our clients’ campaigns the attention they deserve.

For comprehensive and complex campaigns like Ausco Modular’s, our experts spend a large chunk of their time researching the right keyword targeting, planning the most effective campaign structure and crafting enticing adverts that are most likely to generate a click. While other agencies might be looking for shortcuts or creation efficiencies, the reality is that for the best result, the campaigns need extensive hands-on attention. At the end of the day, it was worth the time and the results speak for themselves.

The Results

Within one month of launching our new campaign structure, the campaigns generated 154% more ad clicks with the same spend. By targeting the right search queries and personalising the ad experience, the average cost-per-click across the campaigns was 61% cheaper. To top it off, the resulting leads doubled and the average cost-per-lead for the campaign was halved.

Could it be seasonality? The year-on-year performance disagrees. Even compared to last year’s performance, in the same month, ad clicks were 159% higher, the average cost-per-click was 61% cheaper and the average cost-per-lead was 45% cheaper.