You know it. (And they know)

Just two colours and some type. With nothing else, no photography, illustration or shadows, at first glance there’s no product…except there is. 

One of the advertising trends making waves in 2020 is “Invisible Branding”. In this new Coco-Cola campaign however, it’s more like invisible product advertising. Their wrapped logo is all that’s needed to hint at shape, leaving you to fill in the gaps and “see” the product. The neck-width tag line, “feel it”, continues the shape and plays upon your memory of what a Classic Coke bottle feels like, inviting you to imagine your hand wrapped around one now. Simple…but effective.

It’s not really a new strategy for Coca Cola – they’ve played with the concept of “Invisible Branding” before. In their 2015 campaign, “Let’s take a second”, Coca-Cola launched a limited release of logo-less cans, utilising only their brand colours, the iconic Coca-Cola ribbon and a simple message on the side. Even without their logo…it’s enough for you to know it’s Coca-Cola…

There’s another big brand getting on board the “Invisible Branding” bandwagon this year. In one of their latest campaigns, the ads almost read like a shopping list. Keep looking and it all becomes clear – colour coordinated ingredients deconstructed in sequence of assembly paint the picture for you and DING! The penny drops.

You know what it is…

and who the brand is. 

But how is it that you know? There are plenty other chains that do burgers and breakfast muffins, so with no logo present in the ads, how are we able to intrinsically make the connection? 

Decades of exposure, countless campaigns, ads and sales mean that the more you know, the less they need to say. In these ads, brand colours and typeface are all that’s needed for you to ‘get’ that it’s a Maccas’ Big Mac and Sausage & Egg McMuffin. 

You say, “I get it, I see you.” And they’re already pointing at you, smiling, like, “yeahhhh, you got us.”

It’s because of their brand strength and global recognition that big brands like Coca-Cola and Maccas are more simple, artistic and playful in their advertising. It’s confidence. They already know you’re going to get it and that’s a good feeling that you’re going to associate with their brand.

And even if you didn’t get the ads at first, the thing that these big brands are counting on is that you talk about it. We’re talking about it right now…*mic drop*

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