Unpacking 5 branding myths (+ how to avoid them)

We’ll only say it once: branding is essential to developing a successful business. But there are several myths surrounding branding which might make you question that statement. So, we are here to debunk those myths for you.

1. Branding is just a logo

Branding is so much more. A logo is simply a graphic representation of your business (in its simplest form) to be recognisable in market. Whereas branding encompasses your business’s values, culture and vision, your unique proposition and solutions for your target audience. This then sets the tone for a number of things, including your brand voice, personality, behaviour, look and feel across all aspects of your business. This becomes your brand identity.

Your brand identity provides the basis from which you represent your business and communicate with your customers. Consistency is key. If your branding remains consistent you will stay on task, you can deliver the right impact to the right audience, and will also generate trust from existing and prospective customers.

How to avoid: Believe in what your business delivers. Understand it and articulate it into your brand. Strong, consistent branding makes it easy to understand and will inspire confidence in your business attracting the right customers.

2. Branding can wait

No, it cannot! Branding is the driving factor in shaping consumer perceptions and developing your business. If you neglect it, you run the risk of making the wrong impression, confuse your audience, or weaken your brand trust overall. Establishing a brand identity early on will create a strong foundation for everything you do. It will provide the rule book and direct you how to market to your target audience.

Hundreds of brands launch every day – you need to create a something to make you stand out from the crowd and make people remember who you are and why they should care about your business.

If you already have branding elements in place, it’s important to continually monitor them in all aspects of your business. Frequently reflect on how your business is fairing and whether you are aligning with your brand identity. Does your messaging reflect your brand values? How are your staff representing your business? Is this design in line with your brand guidelines? Continual reflection will ensure your branding remains consistent and delivers the best perception of your business.

How to avoid: Don’t hesitate get it right from the start. Establishing a brand with strong and cohesive foundations will deliver. You will appeal to the customers you want and meet your objectives. Then continually and frequently reflect and review to ensure you are on the right track.

3. My brand just needs to look good

If you really look at this myth, it’s actually not a myth at all, as branding is about how your brand looks – to customers, but its not just aesthetics. Customer perception is vital to the growth and success of your brand. Branding is the core of how your business communicates, operates and performs. An established brand identity has a flow on effect for decisions in marketing communications and how to attract the customers you want. If your tone and personality matches theirs, then they are likely to find your brand relatable or appealing to their interests.

How to avoid: No need to avoid this one just remember its not just about looks – brand perception is vital to business growth. Develop your brand identity to ensure your business is represented well to your target audience.

4. There’s no return on investment in branding

Branding is your most valuable asset. Without it you have no business. It is the articulation of the very heart of your business strategy. While it’s obviously difficult to attribute revenue directly to branding, it’s critical in developing intangible aspects of your business, such as increasing awareness, shaping perception, building credibility, driving preference and generating customer loyalty.

How to avoid: Budget to invest in your branding.

5. Branding is too complicated

Some believe that branding is too complex for them, when in reality it is the opposite. Branding simplifies your communications and better defines your business purpose. It is easier to make future decisions based on a set of existing brand guidelines than to invent something new with each marketing campaign or product.

Branding can appear overwhelming, but that’s why NOUS is here to unpack the myths. We have a proven methodology that gets to the crux of what your business is about, what you stand for and what you want for your customers. No brand is too complicated.

How to avoid: NOUS has been building brands since 1999. We can help you with yours. Give us a bell today on 07 3003 0722 or at [email protected]

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