Suits and Creatives – on the same team at last?

Evolving Roles in the Creative Industries

Times have changed.

Recently I was listening to a couple of our creatives discussing an idea for a digital campaign they were working on.

It was a great idea but on a Mad Max scale. Rather than dismissing it as being beyond the budget one of them commented ‘the ROI (return on investment) just wouldn’t be there’.

Creative is evaluated strategically - against the brief

Achieving Results

Now I know that we are very results focused at NOUS but I was staggered (and delighted) that this was how they thought. Gone are the days of the call to Account Service ‘its a great idea find us the budget’. Instead creative is evaluated strategically – against the brief. Not just by Account Service but by the Creative Department as well.

Marketing and Sales Working Together

It got me thinking and reminiscing. No longer the agony of plucking up courage to pop your head around the Creative Director’s door (they probably don’t have one any more) daring to challenge the ‘big idea’ presented with a flourish earlier that day.

As Account Service you are no longer given one idea and told to SELL IT – the onus on your success as a sales person not the calibre of the work. Dare I say it we work as a team – working through the strategy and assessing if various concepts meet the agreed objectives. Ideas are thrown around in a relaxed and non-combative way – all are valued and assessed. They may be dismissed but it will be for a valid reason not because they come from a ‘suit’.

Great Briefs = Extraordinary Work

It works both ways. We do demand great work from our creatives but that is only in exchange for good briefs.

We partner with our clients to distill the brief so everybody is clear on the objective. Good briefs get great work . Great briefs get extraordinary work.

When the idea and execution are strong and “on brief” achieving or exceeding the expected ROI should be a natural outcome.

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