Instant Splendour with Instagram

Live music is just screaming out to be photographed — and I love doing it when I can, but not so that it intrudes on the immediacy of the experience. You just can’t enjoy a show the same way with camera up to your face (and it pisses off the people around you too… seen a smartphone in the air at a gig in the last 10 years? — you know what I mean). So this year at Splendour in the Grass I set myself a challenge: get the best shots I could (with my “small” non-pro camera) in a limited time, then select, edit and post to Instagram while the band was still playing (…or at least before the next one came on). The whole idea being that my online photo album was updating as close to possible in real time, so that my followers (a small, but generous and engaged bunch) could see what I was seeing and share in the experience. Just knowing this made my experience more immediate and more fun. After all, if Instagram is not for the “instant” what good is it?

I tagged in the artists when they had Instagram accounts, hashtagged the official Splendour tag (#sitg2015) and maybe the artist name, but not usually much else — increasing my share reach but only to folks who are interested (I’m not a single-word hashtag spammer). I’m still getting the odd like here and there even now, reposts and (best of all) likes or shares from the artists themselves. It’s made my post-Splendour-blues a little less blue.

Great live music is a visceral, physical experience.

A brilliant live gig is transcendent. Part of the deal is that you’re not alone, there’s (usually) thousands of other like-minds soaking up the same thrill. The shared experience. Like any of the great festivals, Splendour expands and amplifies this experience over several days of intense, constant, clashing shows. And mud. Sharing this experience simultaneously on Instagram just makes it richer.

Here’s a selection of pics, some that were posted, some not. See you at Splendour 2016.

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