IMDS Wrap Up – (Part 2)

Following on from our previous post where we outlined information from the main speakers of the Interactive Minds Digital Summit event in Brisbane on August the 4th. Here we have some extra insights from the other speakers, as well as some feedback and quotes from both the speakers and the attendees of the day.

If you want to share some of the best quotes for the day, you will find them in our slideshare of Highlights from #IMDS15 Brisbane Digital Summit.

Influencing Conversion

In the rapid fire section of the day, we heard from Dejan SEO, USQ and CUA.

Content Marketing for Conversion

Content marketing has been focused on longer form content for quite a while now, and Dan Petrovic highlighted data illustrating the positive impact of using long copy on a website.

Then showed ways to help people stay on a site longer, interact with it more and read longer articles without realising how much text they are reading. He was using a hypotext methodology, and the results showed great positive uplift on the content he was using to test the data with.

Creating Community for Conversion

Part of interacting with a website is the option to interact with the community of like minded users on that site. Rebecca McSwiney told us how having the social hub on the USQ site allows for students to answer questions from a users point of view.

As many of the USQ students study for a long term (up to 10 years part-time around work and family life) having other people who have gone before them, understand their challenges and can help each other to progress in their studies is a valuable resource. With 70% of students online, this method resonates well with their users.

Emotional Touchpoints for Conversion

Having multiple touch points and a personalised journey make an impact on the user, and helps them to convert.

Nicola Lambie of CUA spoke with us about how they included an emotional touch point for their users through adding an image of the house they want to buy on the quote page. They would source the data from the street address entered in the quote form, and then by using the information entered place it into the quote page residing as an image in the background.

Humans like the human touch in their online world.

Insights and Feedback

We have also contacted some of the speakers and asked for their feedback about the day. Below is some details and further inspiration from a few of the speakers.

Take Risks in Your Marketing Strategy

Sarah Prescott – Head of Marketing and Communication – Thankyou

Sarah Prescott from Thankyou commented about taking risks in marketing strategy being one of the key takeaways from the event.

Sarah told us that from the day she thought it was important to “Take risks with your marketing strategy but take risks in a calculated, well-thought out way. Always look for ways you can push the boundaries and always, always, always remember the power of great content!”

We also asked Sarah to give us a summary quote about her presentation and Sarah responded with the following. “When it comes to marketing your brand or product, why do things the way they’ve always been done? Think outside the box and don’t be afraid to challenge the norm. Taking the time to create remarkable content will always pay off! Focus on engagement and always be on the lookout for new ways to let your fans have a voice (two way communication).”

Create Useful Content


From the event, other shared extra information to their followers in a variety of ways, Dan Norris of WP Curve did a Periscope of his takeaways of the day… while walking along the beach at sunset.

Here is a highlight from his periscope – “Honestly, I think the big companies are trying to use the same strategies for content that bootstrappers are. In terms of creating stuff that’s useful for people, getting their attention and building trust is exactly the same for both groups.”

From the day itself, Dan let us know that “The thing that stood out to me was the bigger businesses taking content marketing so seriously, it was great to see.”

Write For How We Read on the Web

Dan Petrovic – Managing Director – Dejan SEO

Dan let us know that the day had a great impact on social media and summed it up in this. “Small event, big energy.
 I haven’t had the pleasure of attending many local events and was really surprised by the amount of social buzz during and after my talk. I could hardly keep up with my Twitter feed.”

He also told us about what he found impacting by saying that “My personal highlight were creative outreach and PR content campaign showcases by Sarah Prescott and David Smerdon. This is something I hope to see in the future too.”

For a quick summary about his presentation, Dan put it this way. “How we write isn’t compatible with how we read on the web. We’ve known this for nearly two decades and it’s time we do something about it.”

IMDS15 Wrap Up Part 1

If you would like to see more details from the main speakers of the day, check out our Wrap up part 1 here. The Melbourne event promises to have much for the digital marketing community in Australia, and we look forward to attending next year!

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