Branding Strategy – Should You Do a Brand Refresh?

Create Brand Integrity

When we are talking about a brand refresh, what does it actually mean?

Refreshing your brand doesn’t necessarily mean out with the old and in the new—for example a brand new logo (although in some cases that is necessary).

The big brands like Coca Cola, Apple, BMW or Google haven’t changed their brand much since they began but slight differences in the actual logomark has kept the brand current and fresh, without degrading the integrity of the brand.

Provide a clear, focused idea of the brand’s ideals without looking like everyone else.

In a basic sense, it’s like a new coat of paint on your house, a fresh new haircut, some slick new clothes or simply the way that you talk to people. Starting the conversation about your brand refresh it could just be asking yourself some simple questions about your brand and whether it is working for you or saying what you actually want to mean.

Do I Look The Part?

Noone wants to turn up to a party not looking the part—whether you want to be understated but elegant, hipster, one of those uber ‘sophisticated’ types, or the unintentional style guru that everyone is secretly jealous of because you look good even in a potato sack.

And how do you do this?

A correctly placed and consistent brand presence. After many years of dealing with your brand internally and externally, things could get out of place and not look right; so now’s the time to ditch all the odd socks and that pair of jeans with the holes in the knees that you know you should throw out and get a new wardrobe.

How Do You Update Your Brand

This could be as simple as adding some fresh colours to your brand identity, a more contempory typeface (and whoever you are, Comic Sans is not the right fit for you, trust me) or simply a slight cleanup of your logo.

Consistency is paramount with making yourself stand out and giving yourself some new threads may just be the ticket item you’re after. So cleanout all the cupboards and step out fresh and invigorated.

Not only will you look great but there will be a renewed excitement about your brand, not only from existing and prospective customers, but also the people that work for you—and they can be one of the greatest tools when it comes to customer satisfaction.

Are You Reaching the Right People?

Companies products and services change over time, and even more often in the last 10 years with digital media and how customers can communicate with your brand. Something that could have been relevant before could not be relevant now and you may not be reaching your target audience to your fullest potential—try and fax someone about the next big thing and see what happens.

Keeping up with pace and delivering your message confidently and clearly is a sure fire way to keep customers interested.

Change in Business Direction

You could also be changing direction in your business or trying to inject new business opportunities to create renewed interest with existing customers so making the plunge may mean you have to change the look and feel of your brand—but make sure that you provide a clear, focused idea of the brand’s ideals without looking like everyone else.

People are bombarded with emails, notifications and posts from every direction in print, social media, and also traditional media like TV and radio every minute of every day so you need to sure your brand is standing out from the pack and not saying the same thing as the competitors are.

So whether its just a trim off the top, or a brand new look—a refresh to your brand may just be the thing you’ve been looking for.

And that’s where Nous comes in.

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